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Colombian Supremo

South American
Complex + Solid + Colombian
Bag Size
1 lb
2 lb
Save 5%
5 lb
Save 10%

Get 12 bags for the price of 9!

+ Free Domestic Shipping On Your Order

When you order 12 bags of regular priced one pound coffee, you will get 3 of those bags FREE.

Stone Street Coffee Company has sourced these beans directly from the farm in Colombia, getting the very best straight from the source. The beautiful blue-green color of this coffee makes it a prized origin! It is a 18 screen that makes it perfect to display in bulk bins for those customers who need large beans for a visual impact. The profile is very pleasant, with above average acidity paired with a clean lingering finish. This is a great, wonderful, “handsome” coffee with a solid body and nice complexity.

Light Roast