A man pours hot water to start brewing a batch of coffee

Pour-Over Brewing Guide

Pour-over coffee is a favorite ritual for many people — a meditative method of crafting that morning brew with just coffee, water, and simple tools. With a little patience and refined technique, the perfect pour-over brew will allow you to enjoy the distinct, bright, and even sweet notes of your Stone Street roast.

What You Need

  • Coffee maker (preferably one that produces hot enough water)
  • An oxygen cleansed filter
  • Burr grinder
  • Scale
  • Filtered water
  • Measuring Cup
  • Mug or decanter


Boiling water

Step 1:

Bring at least 20 ounces of fresh, filtered water to a boil.

Grinding up coffee beans

Step 2:

Grind approximately 3 T of coffee coarsely, resembling sea salt. For lighter roasts, try using a bit less coffee: approximately 1.5 – 2 T of coarsely ground coffee.

Setting your filter inside your cup

Step 3:

Place a fresh filter in your dripper.

Pouring water into the filter

Step 4:

Pour hot water over your empty filter, and discard the water. This will warm your dripper, and remove any paper taste.

Dropping coffee grinds into the filter

Step 5:

Add your ground coffee to the filter, tap the edge to level out the surface, and place your pour-over brewer on a cup or carafe.

Wet coffee grinds inside the filter

Step 6:

This will be the first of four pours, and the first is the most dramatic because the ground coffee will “rise” before you. Slowly (over 15-20 seconds) pour the first ¼ of your water over the ground, starting at the outer edges and moving inward. Allow the coffee to drip for another 30 seconds before moving to your next pour.

Pouring boiling water into the filter full of coffee grinds

Step 7:

This time, begin in the center and make your way to the outer edges. This pour should even out the surface of the grounds, and allow the water to more evenly extract the flavor. Again, allow at least 30 seconds to pass after your pour. Repeat this two additional times, using all your water.

A nice warm glass of coffee

Step 8:

Enjoy an amazingly crafted cup of coffee!