Three Disciplines of Coffee

We source our coffees in many different ways. We have direct sourcing relationships from whom we buy our unique and interesting coffees from. But the funny thing is; that here in Brooklyn, NY, we are surrounded by astonishing coffees.

Between Bayonne New Jersey and Staten Island terminals alone, there are more great coffees available then any city in America can drink in a lifetime! We work very closely with all of the major green coffee brokers in the country, they all store their coffees in one of theses terminals and they are quite aware of our quality requirements!

Today’s commodity market is quite volatile; just sourcing great coffee is only a small part of this dance. Prices are continuously changing and quality perceptions are not! We must react to the market and at the same time be sensitive to our customers’ bottom line. To us, this is the essence of sourcing finding great coffees that our customers can be comfortable with.

The Fire makes the coffee come alive, this is where we get to influence the beans. We take over from all of the goodness that the Earth provided & now it’s in our hands! Without Fire, there is no coffee! How to apply the fire? How much Fire to apply? How long do we apply the Fire for?

These are all serious questions when roasting coffee. Especially when you roast a lot of different coffees in small batches. Its kind of a mix between a science & raw seat of your pants gut instinct. Fire needs to be controlled. It needs to be controlled in different ways for different coffees. This discipline requires a knowledge based on experience. We are roasting on big-as-shit burners controlled by smart-as-shit computers. Our Roast-Masters orchestrate this whole symphony of raw product in – - – fresh roasted product out with ease and style. They control the Fire. The Fire is good!

The trick is to get the coffee to roast itself. When it begins to roast with it’s own internal heat you need less Fire. We find that a slow & steady approach to roasting, produces a mellow, more aromatic & flavorful brew. The art of roasting is a delicate balance between the Fire and the origin. Too much Fire and you can’t taste the coffee’s origin. Not enough Fire and the coffee tastes under-cooked. Its between these two brackets that “Personal Taste Preference” takes over. It’s not about trends or what your supposed to like. We roast coffee that everybody likes!

  • Buy only fresh roasted coffee & store it correctly
  • Own a grinder and never grind for the week, grind for the moment
  • Stick to the recipe; always use the same amount of coffee & the same amount of water
  • Use fresh running, filtered water
  • Choose a brewing method that works for you
  • Learn how to make espresso correctly
  • Explore different espresso based drinks
  • Clean your equipment after each use

More wisdom to come, but in the mean while give us a call if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help: 347-335-0751.

Download our brewing instructions for Drip Coffee or Espresso (PDF).