Single Origin Bean

Organic fresh roasted hand crafted coffee beans

The beauty of this product is that we collect different kinds from all over the world. From very cool and interesting places that many of us will never visit. These exotic locations are in the jungles and mountains of countries in the equatorial zone. Coffees from different places taste different due to soil makeup and diversified weather conditions. 'Nuff said, see for yourself what you like!

  • Colombian Supremo


    Stone Street Coffee Company has sourced these beans directly from the farm in Colombia. The beautiful blue green color of this coffee makes it a prized origin! It is a 18 screen that makes it perfect to display in bulk bins for those customers who need large beans for a visual impact. The profile is a pleasant above average acidity paired with a clean lingering finish. This is a great, wonderful, “handsome” coffee with a solid body and nice complexity.

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