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Espresso Coffee

The best coffee this side of the Atlantic

Espresso wasn't invented in Seattle! It's an Italian thing. So our espressos are Italian style; full of get up & go! We believe in blends and this shows in our espresso selections. 6 bean blends that are full of flavor and perfectly balanced.

Proprietary Blends

Hand crafted, component roasted coffee

Here at Stone Street we like coffee. Every blend starts as a single origin. The art is in the recipe, the magic of taking several components and turning them into something new & wonderful. Imagine a symphony with only Tubas, that wouldn't sound too good, but when there is chemistry and all of the components compliment each other, then we're talking the art of blending. This also makes for a much more consistent brew.

Single Origin Bean

Organic fresh roasted hand crafted coffee beans

The beauty of this product is that we collect different kinds from all over the world. From very cool and interesting places that many of us will never visit. These exotic locations are in the jungles and mountains of countries in the equatorial zone. Coffees from different places taste different due to soil makeup and diversified weather conditions. 'Nuff said, see for yourself what you like!

Small Lot Coffee

Micro lots of farm direct, super fine coffee

Interesting and specially purchased coffees from select farms. We have relationships with these farmers and trust them for their commitment to quality and passion for their craft. These are more expensive but pleasantly different than other coffees we sell.